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A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaign is an effective method of directing immediate and highly targeted online traffic to your organization’ s website. To be successful, your marketing strategy requires the assistance of Singapore SEO’ s marketing specialists, who can provide years of experience managing PPC advertising campaigns. We also deliver obligation free consultation services for both PPC and SEO strategies.


What is Pay-Per-Click Campaign?


In PPC, you pay the search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing a predetermined fee to display your business’ s advertisement in the sponsored section of a search engine’ s results page. Singapore SEO’ s role is to assist your organization identify the ideal keywords and produce ads that turn browsers into buyers.


For instance, if you are a manufacturer of children’ s toys, we understand that the keywords “child’ s toys” is extremely competitive and we can suggest appropriate alternatives to ensure you gain the most out of your advertising strategy. The marketing specialists at Singapore SEO will consider associated, but less competitive search terms such as “puzzles for children,” “kids toys,” and “toddlers toys” for example. Once we have developed advertisements based on the ideal keywords and phrases, we will develop effective landing pages or micro-sites (pages where potential customers enter after clicking on your ad), which will ultimate generate an increase in online sales and service requests.


We are prepared to work with any sized marketing budget and demand no minimum or maximum advertising spend. If a large number of Internet users choose to click on your advertisements, expenses can grow rapidly. We can help you keep track of your marketing budget and increase or decrease your PPC advertising spend as required Whatever your business requirements, Singapore SEO is willing to help you.


How Does A PPC Campaign Work?


– We originally ask you to identify for us, your marketing budget and decide whether you are bidding on a per-click strategy or particular position strategy. Remembering that you only have to pay for the results you achieve.


– We endeavor to keep the price to a minimum where possible whilst maintaining your preferred number of clicks or sponsored search engine ranking.


– We ensure that Internet users have the best chance of clicking on your advertisements when entering keywords or search terms applicable to your particular industry and the products or services you offer.


It is important tor remember that in order to achieve a specific position on page one of the search engine rankings, you must constantly revise your bid to maintain your standing in the sponsored section. Prices fluctuate constantly, and your competition can easily overtake your position with a higher bid.

From this brief explanation, it is obvious that Pay Per Click management is complicated and fast-paced environment. At Singapore SEO, our expert PPC consultants can take care of this entire process to ensure you concentrate on running your business.


Advantage of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns


– PPC can allow you to achieve a huge increase in the amount of targeted traffic in a brief, almost instantaneous period of time.


– Marketing campaign that utilize PPC generally results in a much lower advertising spend than traditional forms of publicity such as television, radio, billboards, newspapers, and magazines.


-You have 100% control over amount you spend on marketing. If you only wish to spend 5 cents per click, then that’ s all you’ ll have to pay. If you want to pay extra, around $1 per click, you can also do that.


– You can also outline a maximum budget spend. If you set your budget maximum at $1,000, for instance, your sponsored ads on the search engines will simply stop displaying and no additional costs will be sustained.


Contact our expert Pay-Per-Click consultants today to find our more about the benefits a highly effective PPC campaign can have for your organization. As Singapore’ s leading Internet marketing service provider you can expect to receive the optimal results for your marketing spend.


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