Our online marketing campaigns are designed and executed using structured processes coupled with our work approach and tools to increase overall effectiveness. Whether you are looking to increase the value of your existing customers or improve sales leads, our processes guide the frequency of communications and quality of deliverables; ensuring that your campaign results end up being successful and meaningful.

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Plan & Research

Planning and market research are two very important components in our online marketing campaign process and go hand-in-hand. Researching on your competitors further and making wise decisions based on our findings ensure the success of your campaign and survival of your business.

By planning and conducting thorough market research, we will identify opportunities for your business and at the same time, reduce the risks that will arise from undertaking/investing in an online marketing campaign. This step also prepares us to handle mishaps that may occur along the way.



Whatever the duration of your online marketing campaign, we will oversee every step and assume responsibility for all work done – providing support whenever you need it. Creativity is also a very large part of our DNA and we use every opportunity to exercise it so you get to benefit from a clever campaign that was meticulously planned and executed with love.

Details such as method of communications, feedback mechanisms and evaluation processes are not overlooked; and we’re constantly on the lookout for new and better methods to understand, measure and improve on the way we work so that your business not only prospers, but gains competitive advantage.


Create Demand

Generating demand requires creativity, flexibility, an awareness and innate understanding of the different markets/industries and buyer behaviours involved. Long-term commitment is also needed to ensure that a campaign is successfully executed and its benefits, long enjoyed even in the future.

To accelerate customer acquisition and increase market share, existing customers cannot be relied on forever.To enhance your business further, separate methods of online marketing need to be carried out to target  different mind-sets.  For existing customers, marketing activities need to focus on retention and loyalty whereas for new customers, it’s about attracting attention, engaging interest and delivering high quality leads.


Measure & Monitor

Once an integrated online marketing campaign is implemented, it is important to keep track of results so as to ensure that improvements/adjustments can be made if necessary. As such, our measuring and monitoring process are implemented at every stage so as to guarantee successful outcomes.

In addition to project-based reporting, we also conduct analyses and internal discussions to measure and monitor customer, prospect or channel behavior from both traditional and digital marketing activities of a single or multiple marketing campaigns.