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You would never dream of having a dirty shop front. The same can be said for visitors to your website. A negative experience online can only produce an undesirable result. Visitors to your website via a mobile phone either already or will soon outnumber the visitors from a desktop computer. In fact a staggering 2/3 of local searches are performed on a mobile device. Mobile phone users now expect the sites they visit to be mobile friendly.


Mobile Web Design


Despite only being a relatively new technology, Internet usage on mobile devices is quickly catching and in the year 2014 will surpass Internet usage on desktop computers. For a very reasonable one-time additional cost, MARKETINGSERVICES.COM.SG can make your website fully mobile compatible.


While it is true that some websites load just fine on today’s modern smart-phones and tablets, a mobile friendly website is designed specifically for functionality and accessibility on the traditionally smaller mobile device screens.


By employing a responsive mobile web design technique, your website will automatically adjust to fit mobile and tablet screens of all sizes. Be it an iPhone, Android or iPad, MARKETINGSERVICES.COM.SG can create a mobile web design with features including:


– Responsive mobile screen resolutions

– Easy to navigate drop-down menu

– Streamlined design built for touch navigation

– Single site update (update your website once and both your normal and mobile website is updated)

– Touchable call-to-actions with prominent phone numbers and quick contact forms


Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? It Should Be!


Based in Singapore – MARKETINGSERVICES.COM.SG creates first class mobile websites designed to enhance your brand and engage your customers in a more effective and efficient manner.


With a growing network of Singaporean and international partners, MARKETINGSERVICES.COM.SG aims to establish itself as a world-leader in mobile website development. We do not utilise DIY, templates or instant conversions, instead, MARKETINGSERVICES.COM.SG will create for you a professionally designed, fully customized, feature rich mobile website that portrays your brand in a positive manner – a mobile website that you will be proud to show your customers, and one that will do wonders for your business.


Are You Ready to Build a Mobile Site? Here’s What MARKETINGSERVICES.COM.SG Do For You


• Keep it quick
• Simplify navigation
• Be thumb-friendly
• Design for visibility
• Make it accessible
• Make it easy to convert
• Make it local
• Make it seamless
• Use mobile site redirects
• Listen, learn and iterat


Allow Us To Improve Your Business with A Mobile Website Today!


Every organization has unique business goals and objectives, so the mobile web design strategies we implement are never the same. As Singapore’s Mobile web design experts, we create professional mobile websites that are custom-made to the precise requirements and commercial needs of our valued clients. We also provide aftercare support as a bonus service so that your mobile website maintains its successful online presence.